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Next Self-Hypnosis Class Tuesday 1st October at 6.30pm

Imagine knowing how to Hypnotize at Yourself Easily with this Step-by-Step Simple Program.

Learn How to Hypnotize Yourself from a Seasoned Professional who will reveal to you the Secrets of Hypnotic Success every Step of the Way.


In this 21/2 hour class I am going to reveal to you the secrets of how to hypnotize yourself. You do not need to be a trained clinical hypnotherapist in order to effectively hypnotize yourself – it just takes knowledge and practice.

Self Hypnosis Course Description

This experiential workshop will teach you what hypnosis is, some history, the mechanics of self hypnosis and how to use it for a variety of reasons. We will review hypnosis as it pertains to unwanted habits, both physical and emotional, enhancement of skills, and improving our lives, in general.

Included are instructions on how to plan your sessions and how to lead yourself into a state of deep relaxation.  You will also learn to “script” your hypnosis sessions, by carefully crafting affirmations that go to the heart of whatever you want to work on in your life. Also provided are sample scripts to help you learn how to devise your own. You will experience trance in class and will be given detailed instructions for practice at home to get the results you want such as improving self-esteem, reducing stress, improving concentration, quitting smoking, releasing excess weight, relieving insomnia, enhancing creativity, increased prosperity and reducing pain, or whatever it is that you want to achieve. 

The underlying motivation for this work
is to replace  negative thinking with constructive, positive thoughts and beliefs.

You can save money, gain independence and make changes using self-hypnosis.

Scientists say that we only use 10% of our brain power. If that’s the case then what do we do with the other 90%?”

Seriously though, the potential of the human mind is literally unlimited and far greater than the average person could ever imagine.

I have been a Hypnotherapist for the past 24 years and in this class I will reveal all the key secrets of Hypnosis.

Most experts agree that about 90 percent of the population can be hypnotized. My own feeling is that probably 99 percent can be hypnotized. Who is not influenced by suggestion? Aren’t we all influenced by the suggestions of advertising? Don’t we all have a tendency to believe what we read in the paper, hear on the radio or see on television? Aren’t we all convinced that a name-brand article is better than one that is not so well-known?

To Sum up this Class:
You will learn how to use Self-Hypnosis to feel good and be happier in everything you do. 
The 21/2 hour class will teach you the principles of hypnosis, demonstrate them for you, and coach you through a practice of self-hypnosis. You will leave the class equipped with the tools to put Self-Hypnosis to work in your everyday life. For most participants, this single class is sufficient to begin the process of changing their life!
You will learn to attract what you want into your life!


BONUS #1: A Complete Manual for Self-Change



Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Hypnosis

This Manual offers you a Step-by-Step Guide of Self-Hypnosis for achieving various goals. With this class and this manual plus a few minutes of practice every day, you can enjoy all the benefits of Hypnotic Techniques that are invaluable for anyone who desires more control over their own mental and physical states.

+ Your Own Work-Book


BONUS #2: Make a Wish and Watch it Happen!

You know the Old Saying … Be Careful what you Wish for… because you Just Might Get It!

This is the perfect CD to go along with this Self-Hypnosis course. This CD is designed to rapidly help you transform your thoughts into reality by tapping into the subconscious mind to create a new poweful reality. The mind has unlimited potential … what the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.

 If you’re interested in learning this amazing technique, I suggest you sign up NOW. This class will fill up very quickly.

When the class is full the Paypal button will no longer work!

Self-Hypnosis Class Saturday June 8 at 10:30am
only $89


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