New FAST-PACED Weight Loss Workshop

3 Different Concepts
You get it ALL in one evening + 2 BONUS GIFTS

This Wednesday ~ 7pm – 9:30pm … just 2 spaces left!

Concept #1

Learn to use a Pendulum for Successful Weight Loss

Ready to have some fun?

This interesting and exciting hands-on experiential class is designed to help you use and understand the power of a Pendulum.

Each participant will receive a personalized pendulum (made by me) which will be given as a BONUS GIFT at the class!

Here are some sample questions that could be answered with the help of a Pendulum:

Q.  Does this food agree with me?

Q.  Is it in my best interest to be thinner?

Q.  Am I scared of my weight going down?

Q.  Is this a healthy food choice for me?

Q.  Does this supplement help me? 

The list goes on and on and on….

You will go home with your own Pendulum which includes a detailed instruction book, so you know how to use it!

You will each receive your own Pendulum A one-of-a-kind piece of Wearable Jewelry, designed and made by Diane

Concept #2

Learn WHY you Struggle and HOW to STOP it

Weight-Loss is not complex. You know what you need to do. But for some reason you don’t do it!   Why not?

It’s not even difficult. You have the time, you have the knowledge, in fact you could probably be a nutritionist! Maybe you start off good and then sabotage yourself. And the insanity goes on!

Learn how STRESS plays a major part in blocking weight loss

In this class you will learn what’s getting in your way so you CAN be the size and weight you want to be with NO struggle, and NO deprivation!

Find out the BIGGEST way you sabotage yourself!

and how to fix it!

Concept #3

Special Guest Speaker

My 1st Guest Speaker in 30 years!

The reason I’m bringing you this very special guest speaker is because it’s  someone who has struggled with self-esteem and weight for many years and has now found the perfect solution to achieve the changes she wants. 

When Mandy told me about her on-going success and how she enjoys sharing it with others, I asked if she would share it with you.

Mandy uses the Keto plan and has simplified it so that it really works. She will tell you exactly what she does, and how this plan fits in with her hectic lifestyle. Mandy works full-time, is a wife, and busy Mom of 2 teens. 

We all read weight-loss books, watch videos etc. but it’s different when you hear a real success story in person.

Mandy will bring some of her tips, tricks and even recipes to help and support you, should you chose to go down this path. Nothing to buy…just hard practical ideas that work!

Shhhh…just found out….
Mandy is bringing food samples!!!

Concept #4
How to Eliminate Cravings Audio- FREE GIFT

Cravings only last moments, yet it can feel as if we have no control. 

This Audio can help you turn off your cravings for unhealthy foods and turn up your craving for healthy foods.

And the best part — there’s no struggle or deprivation.

Start dropping those lbs easily!

With the help of this special Audio you can  journey into your minds Control Center and adjust your preferences for a particular food.

Discover how your sub-conscious mind will help you make healthy choices so you can get rid of the excess weight EASILY, without any diets, pills, hunger or surgery.

You get ALL OF THIS and more so if you feel STUCK
and are ready for a new way of dealing with your weight,
you won’t want to miss this workshop!

SIGN UP NOW! Only 2 spots left

This class will fill up VERY quickly so don’t hesitate.

The cost for the complete class, including the
Free Pendulum and Free Audio

ONLY $89

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