NEW Goal-Setting Workshop!

Saturday January 13th 10am – 12pm

ATTENTION: This workshop is for anyone who is serious about wanting their life to be different in 2018

(and it includes 4 Bonus Gifts – see below)​

Q. Want less Stress and Anxiety?
Q. Want to Eliminate a Bad Habit?
Q. Want a Happy Healthy Loving Relationship?
Q. Want To Achieve True Financial Freedom ?
Q. Want to Finally Lose that Weight?
Q. Want To Grow Your Business?
Q. Want to make Your Life Different?

It doesn’t matter what change you want to make, this workshop will help you get there!

Don’t miss out! Only $89

Sorry… this workshop is full!

A Message from Diane

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Q. Is your life exactly the way you want it?
Q. Are you completely satisfied with who you are?
Q. Do you find each and every day incredibly rewarding and fulfilling?

If the answer is ‘NO’ to any of these questions…COME TO THIS CLASS!

Together, let’s make sure that this coming year will be your most abundant and successful year yet…

This event is just around the corner, and spots will fill very quickly. Only 10 people can attend – no exception! Will YOU be one of them?

In this action-packed class you’ll discover all the steps, tools and resources to help you finally reach your goals!

• You will set clear, powerful intentions for what you want to create for yourself and your life in 2018 (intentions are very different than “wants” or “desires”… I’ll explain why in the workshop) and I’ll give you all the tools you need!

• You will discover why you might have been struggling or sabotaging yourself as well as how to get really serious about your goals. After this class you’ll be able to quickly create your new reality without a lot of hard work or struggle.

How about 4 Bonus Gifts for the New Year

(All downloadable PDF files)

Special Hypnosis Audio

This Audio will help re-program your mind to achieve and solidify all the Goals that you are setting for yourself.

Please Note: All Bonus Gifts are Downloadable PDF’s … 3 books and 1 Audio, included FREE

What People Say About Diane’s Hypnosis Groups?

“The program was so easy and enjoyable. I thought it would take longer for me to see any changes but even after 2 weeks I was pleasantly surprised to see my habits changing without any me even thinking about it. I enjoyed how things were explained and it put everything into perspective.”
L.H. Chula Vista

“Diane’s seminar is extraordinary. She knows her subject really well, is very enthusiastic and really wants to help all of us to go from negative to positive. Using the tools she gave us I now feel confident to move forward. Outstanding seminar!”
H.H. San Diego

“I really loved the class and it’s good to know that I will be able to do what it takes to achieve my goal. Diane is an excellent teacher and explained every step in the process.”
B.F. San Diego

“Very informative class! I learned so much and feel very enthusiastic about employing the suggestions I received. The mind is so fascinating, once it’s explained well and I could relate to everything I had been doing wrong. I know I’m now on the right track and that’s a great feeling.”
M.C. San Diego


Pendulums are not new. Some people are nervous of their strange “power”, and others intrigued.

There is nothing to fear. It is human energy, working with your inner subconscious thoughts, making the pendulum swing in a meaningful way.

If time permits, I will introduce you to the concept of a ‘PENDULUM’. It’s incredibly powerful and a VERY useful tool for getting answers!

So, What You’re Waiting for? Sign up NOW!

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Sorry… this workshop is full!​


Price includes all 4 Bonus Gifts

I look forward to having you in the class
To Your Success

Diane Edwards
San Diego Hypnosis Clinic